Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Use Neti Pot and Prevent Sinus Infection

Nasal cleansing/irrigation using neti pot is based in the yoga tradition in India have used the practice for centuries. Neti pot usage has started to rise in United States in the 1970s.

Nasal congestion, headache, facial ache and cough are some of familiar symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Other signs and symptoms include slight or controlled asthma, thick yellow or green discharge, general malaise, dizziness and aching teeth. Nasal irrigation draw out mucus and also help in relieving congestion. A Neti pot, accessible at most drugstores, is a handy way of delivering nasal irrigation.

Treatment for sinus infection is commonly given by antibiotics, but in many cases, using a nasal wash can help, too. Nasal irrigation draws out mucus and help in relieving congestion. Essentially, what the neti pot does is gently wash away extra mucous, bacteria, pollen, allergens and viruses from the sinuses. There is one main sinus that the neti pot can reach - the maxillary sinus which is on either side of your nose -  inside the cheek bone. When they fill with pus or mucous, it hurts.  Furthermore, it provides bacteria and viruses accelerate their growth as the immune system cannot enter the sinuses. Nasal irrigation washes out the pus and mucous and the immune system's IgA antibodies enters the sinuses and start working against the infection in the sinuses.

Neti pot has been around for centuries for centuries, its use is on the rise in the America in the recent years.  As said earlier neti pot originally comes from the Indian ayurvedic and yoga medical tradition. A neti pot is a small ceramic spout that pours a salt solution into one's nostrils to remove all the mucus and fluids which block the nasal passage. Although the process of nasal irrigation is quick there are some precautions that an individual must take before using it.  Care must be taken to dry the nasal passages properly.  In the beginning stages, neti should be supervised by a teacher. 

Usually solution of one full neti pot is enough to irrigate both nasal passages. This nasal wash this way reverses the natural motion of the cilia and cleans them in a different way. It also reduces postnasal drip. You tilt your head, pour it up one nostril and the water flows up, around and right back out the other side, flushing out the entire nasal cavity along with any congestion. At this stage breathing is through the mouth.

Irrigating nasal passages through neti pot flushing once or twice everyday when you're congested can improve drainage and reduce symptoms and prevent sinusitis when you have a cold and/or allergies. The salt water travels through your nasal passage and sinuses and back out the other nostril. When the cold, flu or other sinus issues occur, you may want to consider a nasal cleansing system. A daily nasal wash during times of increased congestion can relieve the symptoms you are feeling as well as possibly prevent sinus infection.

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