Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Truth about Hair Removal in India

Unwanted body hair has been a big problem for women from time immemorial. Woman has been removing unwanted hair as body hair is considered to be masculine in nature. Women use different methods to remove this unwanted hair. This removal of unwanted body hair increases their beauty with smooth looking skin and helps in body hygiene. In India there is a belief especially in the rural areas that using turmeric helps in getting rid of unwanted hair. I do not know how effective this method is but these days there are many easy ways to get rid of unwanted either at home or by visiting a beauty parlor where beauty professionals help they removing the unwanted hair. These days we can see beauty parlors mushrooming everywhere especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

There are many methods of removing of unwanted hair at home and the most primitive but popular one is shaving. This method is instant with instant results with added advantage of being cheap and hence many women use this method till today. One should soften the hair with shaving cream before shaving and there are many different types of shaving razors available these days some of them a little expensive. These razors which include twin blades and electric razor which are most popular these days helps in preventing bleeding from shaving cuts.

Waxing is a method which is used both at home and in the beauty parlor with help of a professional is a little bit painful method. This method is used to remove hair from hands, legs and thighs and preferred due to the duration of regrowth of the hair is more than other methods.

The other method one can use at home is hair removal creams. These creams may be allergic and hence should be used after test for allergy. These creams help in removal of hair leaving the skin smooth and shiny. One can find many types of hair removal creams in medical shops all around India.
Electrolysis is a method of removal of unwanted hair which can be done in the parlor. This method is also a little bit painful since the follicle is burnt using electric current and the regrowth period of longer than other methods used at home.

The most modern method available in the cities of India is laser hair removal method which is done either by skin specialist or a beautician. This is the most expensive method and needs several sessions. The cost of this method depends on the density on area of the hair to be removed. This is also a long term cure of the problem of unwanted hair as the hair follicle is treated with laser and removed from the root. There are many laser hair removal centres available in metro cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

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