Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Neti Pot Solutions Recipes

There are many manufactured ready use neti pot solutions available in the market both online and offline.  But it is not very important to buy them as you can make your own solution for everyday use unless specified by your doctor.  The basic nasal irrigation solution used in neti pot contains 1/4 spoon of salt in 250 mL of warm water.  Many suggest not use iodized salt or table salt and only use sea salt.  This because they want the solution to be as natural as it can be without no added agents/chemicals which can irritate your sinuses

Some also suggests canning or kosher salt for their pure forms.  Another very popular neti pot solution is adding baking soda in addition to salt.  The basic ratio of salt and baking soda would be 2:1 but a ratio of 3:1 is also used .  Salt is adding instead of using just water is because the increased ability of the solution in removing impurities.  The reason for adding baking soda is because it acts as a buffering agent.

Another neti pot solution recipe contains glycerin in addition to salt and backing soda in equal amounts.  This recipe is used when one is suffering with allergies especially dust allergy.  Use this recipe only if you are suggested by your doctor, otherwise stick to the basic neti pot solutions.

Some people also add sesame oil and golden seal tincture to a neti pot solution recipe to clean your sinuses.  But I don’t advise adding anything more than salt and baking soda without the guidance of an expert or a physician.  As far the amount of salt is concerned, as I am confused with the measuring ability of spoons (I still don’t know how full is a half-spoon full), I just taste the water, if I am comfortable with the taste I use it.  If the solution is too salty to taste, I add a little more water.  This always worked for me.

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