Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ways To Treat Shaving Cuts And Stop Bleeding

Shaving facial hair has been under practice for ages. Shaving gives you a face free of hair gives you a face which looks more young and romantic by highlighting the contours of your face. But when you shave the very sharp blade you use for a clear shave might cut your skin instead resulting in cuts and scars. Cut from a sharp blade though superficial is often painful. Once you learn better shaving techniques and get some experience of shaving, cut appear rarely.

Generally the cuts from shaving appear because using the razor rather awkwardly and using a dull blade which is either over used or cheap shaving blade. One more reason is when applied shaving cream, the lather wets the hair and makes it soft and the skin wet so that the blade glides over your skin softly. No applying shaving cream or lather and not giving enough time to the hair and skin to become soft is also one of the reasons for shaving cuts.
The stroke you make with your razor should be along the skin contours. You have to shave opposite to the way which hair bends while growing. If you stretch the skin while shaving, this enables the blade to glide smoothly along the skin and will prevent shaving cuts.

How To Treat Shaving Cuts and Nicks
Even an experienced person occasionally suffers shaving cuts due to some urgency or carelessness. Shaving cuts gives you a sharp pain as the skin is very soft and sensitive with lather applied. The treatment for the shaving cuts includes immediate stopping of bleeding, applying antiseptic lotion, and applying ice to cool the area which gives an effect of cooling numbness to get rid of pain.

I generally use a after shave lotion or spray which is very effective in control the bleeding and protecting the cut from infection. But this is not effective if the cut is rather big and the bleeding is not getting controlled. Then I use pressure with ice cube on the cut to stop bleeding. This is very effective. Using moisturizers is also effective in controlling the bleeding. Moisturizers comes with antiseptic properties and help in preventing the infection.

If you have an topical antiseptic cream or lotion with you available apply it and leave the cut for a day, you will see the shaving cut healing within a day and disappearing within few days.

Now there is a guide available which is totally dedicated to help you stop bleeding from shaving cut by helping you to be prepared and act immediate whenever there is a cut.


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