Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Wife’s Teeth Invisible Braces

Teeth Once our needs are fulfilled we always start taking care of our wants. That is what normal human beings do and my wife falls in that category of ordinary normal human beings (my strong belief is that I am special). She always thought the gaps between her teeth made her look less attractive and wanted to close the gaps or at least decrease them.

In my opinion my wife’s teeth are little protruding outwards and hence the gaps. To have a better looking teeth arrangement and hence a better smile, she consulted a dentist (orthodontist) and opted for dental braces.

She wore the dental braces for about two years. The braces were very successful in closing the gaps and realigning her upper teeth. But right from the first day of wearing dental braces, she disliked them. She had many complaints about these braces. She said they are very uncomfortable although they became comfortable with passage of time. She also hated the fact that people now know that she disliked her teeth. Above all she hated the metallic smile she had with the dental braces.

Years after that a couple of days back, we were surfing the internet and in curiosity we started reading about dental braces. We came to know that these days the dental braces are more aesthetic, more efficient, and more comfortable. They are also available in tooth color and other colors for children. There are also braces which can be fitted from inside for invisibility.
These days there is also alternative to braces, aligners called Invisalign which straighten crooked teeth. Unlike dental braces Invisalign uses clear aligners which are removable unlike the wire braces. The process begins with the orthodontist taking the impressions and x-rays of the teeth and sending to the company which makes Invisalign. The company then prepares custom-made aligners and sends back to the dentist who fixes them to the patient. These should be worn for about two weeks and can be removed for eating, brusing, and flossing. The duration required to wear these aligners is between one and half year to three years depending on the problem.

Reliving her dental brace days, my wife felt bad that these new technologies were not available those days. The only respite for her is that Invasilgn is not available in India still. If you are an Indian and you happen to know about any brand of teeth invisible braces please do let me know.

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