Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Friend’s Vision Recovery After Lasik Surgery

Dramatic Change With Lasik Surgery
His name is Anil, he is one of my close friends. Anil is known to be very clever and very outgoing. He is someone whom I never saw in a depressed mood or in negative thinking. I do not know if he is fearless, but I never saw worrying about anything. I and other friends of Anil knew that he is the person who has all the solutions as for the businesses we are running.

Anil is almost 40 and is not yet married. It is odd here in India for a reasonably successful person to be 40 and not married yet. When I once asked him why he has not married yet, he said "I cannot recognize my wife from other women if she is ten feet away from me how can I have a successful married life."

Yes Anil has severe eye sight problem. Right from his childhood, he used to wear glasses. The thickness of his glasses increased with his age and now he wears a very think glass that is not possible to clearly see his eyes. Everyone who knew Anil wanted him to have a better eye sight. Anil himself desired for better life with better eye sight. He met many doctors from different cities here in India. Most of them concluded that his problem can be solved with Lasik eye surgery. But he never went beyond consultation because the cost involved.

No body knew but Anil acted on his desire and started saving money for his surgery. At the beginning of this year he underwent Lasik surgery to his left eye which was in worst condition. I could meet him only once in the hospital. But four months after surgery he visited me a couple of days before. There was a dramatic change in his life after the surgery. He was a hero now he became a superhero. He was very confident person now became super confident. He was good looking even with those thick glasses. Now with designer glasses with eyes looking straight into my eyes, he looks charming.

He visit me to invite me for his wedding. He came along with his fiancée a beautiful girl. It was heartening to see who a simple surgical procedure called lasik surgery can have a dramatic change in a man's life. His vision recovery after lasik surgery was phenomenal.

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