Monday, July 6, 2009

The Importance Of Life Coach Courses

Of late, I have been writing about many different things which I thought would be interesting and helpful to others. Knowledge from the fact that our hearts beat with the help of electric pulses which originate in them to the biggest commercial aircraft A380, everything fascinates me. This is one of the reasons why I write about randomly about many things in general and about health issues in particular.

I started this blog to write about human potential both mental and spiritual. That is the reason why the title of this blog was Discover Your Power at the beginning. Slowly I drifted away from the subject and started writing about other subjects and changed the blog title to RayLife. Life coaching is one of the fascinating subjects. Human mind is the most beautiful creation in the nature.

I read books by almost every famous life coach. These peoples observations on human potential made me think and set bigger goals for myself, change I thinking style, develop more confidence and more important I started liking others. I became an assertive person from a shy one. As my personality started to change for the better, I also started counseling and advising my friends and others. Though my approach is inclined towards spirituality my favorite book on human potential is more of scientific written on psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

The reason for drifting to other subjects, I needed proper training in life coaching. I still consider myself an amateur life coach, and I could not pursue this as a profession because I needed professional training as a life coach and there were not many affordable life coach courses available for me those days. Recently, I started looking for opportunities where I can take a life coach course and to my surprise there are many affordable courses available online and offline.

But I need to dig deeper into this subject and get the best coach who is also affordable. I know pretty well that I don’t afford Anthony Robins. In the process I know I would probably lose some money but hopefully I would get what I want without making a big hole in my wallet. But to become a professional I need the coaching which is inevitable.

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