Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Importance of Positive Thinking

There is a lot of literature available about the power of positive thinking in your life and the contribution of positive thinking towards success. If you are reading this you would probably already know that positive thinking is an essential part of any small achievement in our lives and of course no negative thinking person will be motivated enough to achieve something worthwhile in his life. Negative thinking paralyzes you.

So the main reason for me to write about the power of positive thinking is to tell what positive thinking can do for us apart from the achievement of our worthwhile goals.

But before knowing what positive thinking can do for you, you have to know that we experience our life through the five senses we have. We see, we tough, we taste, we smell, and we hear the world and experience it. These five senses help us in experiencing the life right from our birth till death. We experience the life by our body.

Every type of emotion every type of feeling experienced by the body. You feel sad when you see something bad happening or hear about something bad happening. You also think about something bad happening to you and become sad.

Now try this exercise, sit in chair, calm yourself and try to think about something which can make you sad. Thinking happens in words or pictures….make a sequence of these which can make you sad. Slowly you start to feel sad.

Now observe your body, your facial muscles…how do feel there, tight, numb, pain. Observe you entire body especially your facial muscles, your chest, your shoulders, fingers and toes. There will be different types of uneasy sensations going through your body. Now that is how you experience sadness…through your body.

Throughout your life’s duration, you experience your life by your body. There are many emotions good, bad, and ugly and thousands of shades of emotions many of which cannot be expressed through words

Coming back to the importance of positive thinking, this induces a positive sensation in your body which is very comfortable to live with. There will a lot of comfort in the body. There will no resistance to action. Positive thinking moves you forward while negative thinking restricts your movement towards achievement.

For one day think about your goals or desires and think positively and see yourself moving towards those goes and desires one step each time and with positive results at each step and you successfully moving to the next step. Think about these the entire day and observe your body.

Positive thinking is one of the simple steps towards a great life. People don’t become great by reading self help books or this blog. Great men are born to become great many of them are not good speakers, they don’t have great bodies, don’t have great personalities, not early raisers (especially when they the habit or working till early morning), and are busy to write their goals, … in short many of the great men do not have the qualities which these personality gurus teach about because they don’t read them

I am not telling that self help books don’t help, but they don’t make you great. You can actually achieve a lot of success in all the fields with constant continuous effort. But this blog is for those people like me who live simple lives and with small changes like thinking positive in small situations can have a life of simple greatness.

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