Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Masturbation Is Bad For Your Success

Masturbation is one of the widely searched subjects online. The reason is simple, if sex is the most beautiful experience your body could have, masturbation stands next to it. There are many physical and mental health benefits of masturbation. But this article is about how masturbation could affect your success.

I hate to say it again and again but the fact that it is your body through which you experience the life forms the base for most of the articles I write. Success involves many positive and beautiful sensations you experience through your body. Every successful step forward towards your goal gives you this bodily sensation which is so positive and beautiful which is why people thrive for success.

Every achiever knows that he cannot take anything that he achieved to his grave, but he seldom stops from achieving. Look at the positive sensation he goes throughout the life as an achiever. Every small task successfully completed gives him a sense of achievement, confidence, a sense of moving ahead, eagerness to move ahead, and many more feelings which give positive sensations.

The goals of an achiever depend on many factors like beliefs, age, society, and etc. But be it a scientist or an artist, these people always works towards those positive feelings they experiences throughout their life. Some achievements like landing on the moon for the first time gives you enough positive feelings which last life long.

Now coming back to masturbation, as it also gives you such an intense positive experience to your body and being the easiest method to achieve those sensations, you may get addicted to this method. But the problem with this method is you can never have a sense of purpose, sense of achievement, confidence, self esteem, and many more positive feelings which only an achiever can have and you may simply neglect them being busy with masturbation. An achiever can have that positive sensation which comes from a sense of achievement even while on his death bed and you surely cannot masturbate then.

Success is very important to live a life of simple greatness but this should be achieved through desire, skill and hard work going through the positive experiences, but if in your journey all your experiences are negative like stress, depression, and heart failure then remember you are taking a wrong journey

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