Monday, April 13, 2009

The Truth About Massage Therapy and Benefits


As an Indian I am quite familiar the massage. Everyone in India especially those who live in rural India takes massage at least once every week. Almost every person is experienced in giving massage to the other family members. People in our part of India generally use warm coconut or sesame oil for the massage. This massage is performed with the person sitting on a stool being rubbed with warm oil to the entire body along with the scalp and face.

Local barbers are considered as experts in this type of massage. These people are well experienced in manipulating the muscles and tendon to relieve the strain and ensure good blood flow every part of the muscle. Massages are usually performed to relieve the muscle tension and muscle and pain and also reduce the stiffness of the muscles. Massage has the ability to increase flexibility and mobility. Massage is considered to remove metabolic waste from the body.

The necessity of massage is more in the modern area and urban lifestyle because of relative lack of exercise. As massage works well from both sprain due to excess use of the muscle and for incomplete blood flow to the muscles due to lack of usage of the muscle. As I said earlier in this blog we have about 639 muscles and very rarely use all of these on a daily basis

Due to prolonged sitting in a chair in front of computer and watching TV continuously for hours lying down in a couch on a regular basis, we lose the strength in many of the important muscles. Due to the continues pressure on some of the muscle like gluteus muscles (buttock muscles) due to prolonged sitting for hours on a daily basis, we tend to have improper blood supply to these muscle resulting in muscle pain. Regular massage enables adequate the blood supply to these muscles.

Ayurveda practitioners use herbal oils with medicinal quality. As the skin is a good absorber along with pain and stress relief massage with herbal oils works as good treatment for specific diseases where the medicine is absorbed through the skin.

Massage Therapy Benefits:

Massage us used as a therapy along with physical therapy due to its success in reducing the pain and stiffness in the muscle resulted due to trauma and prolonged disuse. Massage also is helpful in returning the blood supply in muscles which are not getting adequate blood supply due to disuse for a long time.

Due to the demand by the patients, massage therapy slowly became popular in rehabilitation in trauma cases. Apart from both mental and physical relaxation, massage therapy is also used for many health conditions like back pain, inflammatory arthritis, tendonitis, headaches, migraines, muscle spasm, muscle strain, muscle sprain, blood circulation problems, and carpel tunnel syndrome etc.

Massage Therapy Session:

A massage therapy session makes take half an hour to two hours depending on the method used. Massage as a therapy needs consultation with the therapist does decide the method of the therapy depending on your medical problem.

You will be taken to a massage room and asked to remove the clothes cover yourself with a sheet and lie down on the massage table. The temperature of the room is maintained according the therapy method. You can request to adjust the room temperature if it is too hot to you. Some people continue to wear there undergarments. Some do not prefer massagers of the opposite gender, and these needs of the patient/person will be considered before the session.

The massager used the prescribed oil and starts to massage. The massager concentrates on one part of the body each time and the other body will be covered under sheets. The style of massage used in different countries is different. Most often you will feel very relaxed after the massage, but sometimes you may have aches and pains which may resolve within few hours, but be sure to tell the therapist how you are feeling.

One more important point is to call the therapist for an appointment beforehand. There are certain tips to need to take care of like no heavy meals before massage which will be conveyed to you by the therapist.

Massage Therapy Schools

As our life styles are change the importance of massage for its therapeutic benefits is growing. With this growth in demand for massage the demand of massagers are growing. Those who would like to become massagers can look here for massage schools in USA . If you are already a massager and looking for a job you can look here for massage therapy job

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