Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Teenagers Worry About Acne So Much

The other day I was asking my daughter why does teenagers worry about acne so much, I used the word pimple. I told that not only teenagers but people of every age get acne, I know some of the reasons for the worry but what makes teenagers to get so much fussy about this one problem.

AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment SystemIt is as she knows most common in teenagers and at least 85 percent of them get acne in varying degrees. It is also known that most of the boys do not care much about acne unless then get infected and result in a bigger problem. Most of these pimples go away in due course. But they may go leaving a scar.

There are teenagers and even grownup with excessive pimples. The most prominent feature of their face becomes acne. If acne is a big headache for them both physically and emotionally and socially I can understand, but I saw teens worrying even with a small pimple on their face.

By talking with my daughter I came to know that most of the teenagers who are obsessively beauty conscious due to the natural new and overwhelming attraction towards the opposite sex are naturally worried even with a single pimple. If you watch the TV commercials, you will come to know how the companies which manufacture beauty products are trying to make other no so bothered teens to worry about their solitary pimple.

My elder daughter understands that pimple is just an infection and can go away with proper treatment and no need to lose her sleep about that, but my younger daughter is more beauty conscious. I think I can find one day a great cure for acne at least through internet very soon, my younger daughter is stepping into her teens.

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