Friday, March 13, 2009

Better and Effective Treatments for Acne|Teenagers

I wrote about my daughter's acne worry before. I also talked about simple pimple and the worry of acne in teenagers. To my surprise I came to know through one of my friends that simple pimple or zits I was talking about was actually not actually acne. He says that even though pimples or zits appear occasionally or regularly in teenager they actually cannot be called the true case of acne.
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Acne is actually a disease….. an inflammatory disease of the oil glands (sebaceous glands) which can be recognized with appearance of pimples. In very severe cases of acne is characterized by appearance of cysts and nodules ending up in scars.

Man has developed enough number of antibiotics to treat many kinds of infections successfully and acne being a bacterial infection is in fact treatable. As said earlier the cases of simple pimple, mild acne, and severe acne appear different and should be worried about differently and treated differently.

As far as teenagers are concerned acne results in a lot of embarrassment and distress. Acne can lower their self esteem. Due to the increased worry and mental distress caused by acne in teenagers new and effective treatments for acne are being developed.

There are actually creams and lotions developed depending on the severity of problem and skin type. These acne treatments consist of multiple tasks depending on the severity of the acne problem. These tasks include reducing the sebum production, killing bacteria by using antibiotics, removal of dead skin using skin care procedures.

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