Monday, January 26, 2009

Wu-Yi Diet Tea, Is It A Scam | A Review

Wu-Yi Tea is the name given to the tea produced on and round mount Mount Wuyi,wu yi shan Fujian,China. Like any other tea produced from any part of the world including India and China, Wu-Yi Tea can be packed into three varieties green, oolong, and black. Semi oxidized oolong tea and also green tea is known to have properties that aid in weight loss. These teas are known to oxidize the fats very effective and hence are considered good for weight loss.
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Wu-Yi oolong or green tea or another oolong tea itself is not a miracle-weight-loss drug. Tea has no side effects and has many useful qualities in it. But if you are serious in losing weight, drinking oolong tea or green tea of any brand would help you if used along with a holistic approach to weight loss with exercises and diet control.

There is no known additionaly benefits of Wu-Yi tea over other brands. It is just that they have created hype over the name Wu-Yi so as to make money. And it is true that neither Rachel Ray nor Oprah endorsed Wu-Yi tea. It would be better to buy Wu-Yi oolong tea or any brand of oolong tea without much hype just as any other tea, they does help in weight loss but does not deserve the hype build around them.

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