Thursday, September 25, 2008

Effects Of Oolong Tea on Weight Loss

Tea as a metabolic stimulant has been very useful in weight management. Though all teas have this ability of controlling weight, Oolong tea is considered to be the best form of weight loss tea. Designed to aid control weight, Oolong weight loss tea is the most popular kind of weight loss tea. Research has confirmed that just a couple of cups of Oolong tea a day is very effecting in weight loss due the increased metabolic rate it induces. The oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea and the special ways of oxidizing and drying makes oolong tea more tasty with rich flavor and gets the power to stimulate metabolism more than any type of teas and hence promoting weight loss.

Oolong tea can burn 150 percent more fat than green tea and hence it is called popularly "oolong weight loss tea." As said earlier just two cups of Oolong weight loss tea helps in reducing weight by increasing your metabolism. More, oolong weight loss tea also decreases or blocks the carbohydrates from fattening. Apart from being a weight loss tea, oolong is also very useful in improving the cognitive functioning of your brain and improves your mental well being.

Oolong tea apart from the above given benefits, maintains health of the teeth. It also helps in keeping your skin healthy and soft with a beautiful glow. Oolong tea is also known to prevent eczema and allergies.

Try it for yourself. It is advised that drinking oolong tea for weight loss  without mixing anything to it will give better results in weight loss.

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darlene said...

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