Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tear Stain Remover -Dogs

When my dog had tear stains, I just got an over the counter tear stain remover for a pet store which worked well for my dog. I bought the tear stain remover which was recommended by my vet. My vet also assured me that there was no infection due to the tear staining and not to worry about it. He also recommended some changes in my dogs diet.

Most of the times, tears stains are very natural in some dogs. But tear stains also can to be an allergic reaction which when untreated can be infected by yeast or bacteria giving it a bad smell. Before going to vet, I tried to clean the tear stains using warm water, but were very hard to remove. But the tear stain remover could remove the stains very easily.

They say if left untreated, the tear stain can be a cause for infection. Wiping the tears before becoming hard stains will be the best way to prevent tear stains. Vet recommended the dogs diet to be changed into preservative free diet . The vet has not prescribed any antibiotics but he did say that tear stains can be infected sometimes and may need antibiotics.

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