Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Search Traffic Is Life of Your Small Business

Search Engine Traffic To Make Money

When you start a blog as a small business model, three types of visitors start visiting your blog depending on how aggressively you start promoting your business. The first type are social traffic visitors as the result of your social directory submission like stumbleupon and Digg. The second type of traffic which slowly build up is subscribers traffic. This depends on how well you write and market your blog. Your subscribers return to your business because either they like your writing or the information you provide through your blog. The third type of visitors are called search traffic which depends on search engine optimization of your blog.

It is a known fact that social traffic hardly convert into money, because most of the social traffic are internet addicts who obsessively browse, they rarely keep or have any credit cards with them. So your blog as a small business will be a dud if you depend totally on social traffic.

For building a successful small business based on the second type of traffic that is regular returning visitors who are your subscribes, you have to sell something by overtly writing reviews about the products or covertly influence them to click on the ads on your blog. To be successful in this type of business, you need to have special skills of a shrewd marketing agent to sell things without hurting the sentiments of your readers. I cannot teach you anything about this method, because selling is my weak point. Our real offline small business strives on just a couple of big manufacturers and we do sell our services to them, but selling to retail customers is not our strength. And my view is that, this type of blogging is more of a self employed type and not a small business. This type of blogging totally depends on you writing to sell regularly. Sales drop to zero once you stop writing.

So the best method of blog as a small business is to optimize your blog with money making keywords and links which would bring loads of traffic from the search engines which convert well and the business runs on autopilot with very little maintenance.

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