Friday, December 12, 2008

Long Tail Keywords for Small business

The importance of long tail keyword for small business success.

If you search for any money making keyword in the search engine, you will see static websites ranking well for almost all of the keywords with the exception of "make money online." The reason is simple. Websites are build either as business models or as an online supporting arm of an offline business. And if their business requires search engine traffic, businessmen make sure that their websites rank well in search engines and they take the help of professionals to achieve this goal. Bloggers have very little chance of competing with businessmen.

The other reason for this is the junk filled in the blogs. Search engines like Google would not like the online searchers landing into all junk. They are constantly upgrading the search engine algorithms to make sure that authoritative websites rank well for all the money making keywords

Businessmen always possess a good focus on their business and neglect the long tail keywords. This is the reason why you should target long-tail keywords at the beginning when you start your blog as a small business. They say that long tail keywords convert well and you can start making money right from the beginning. You have to put a lot of effort to gain authority and rank well for one good money making. With the same effort, you can rank well for hundreds of long tail money making keywords.

Focus on long tail money making keywords at the beginning until your blog gains some authority as a small business.

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