Sunday, December 14, 2008

Delayed Success In Small Business

My two cousins are the first from a family of job holders venturing into small business. They have started their business about 15 years ago and both of are very successful at present running a couple of small business. I have started a small business around the same time, but my success was not anywhere near to them. It took a long time for me to identify the basic flaw in my system and rectify it.

While majority of the thoughts or my cousins have on a daily basis are about money making and they think in numbers, my thoughts were not that focus and were rather diffused. When you are not that successful or you have just started the business, you have to try hard to focus on making money. When the business is successful, you will not have enough time to lose your focus.

So, I stopped reading news papers and watching news on TV, the two main culprits which are responsible for my inability to concentrate. My mind use to become busy thinking about terrorism, religion, corruption, entertainment, and sports. If you have good focus on your business you don't have to stop reading news papers or watching TV, but on the other hand if you lack focus then avoid anything which will distract you. Now as I am having a couple of successful small businesses, I read news papers daily and watch TV, my businesses take care of my focus.

With no books, no news papers, no TV and not even internet, I use to sit in my office and think about business and money for long hours, this focused thought process made me to take massive actions which resulted in success. Now I am so used to get into focus of thought voluntarily that I became adept in controlling and focusing my thoughts on things which are important to me and and which I have direct control on. As I said earlier, thinking in numbers and about money is essential for success in small business. But there should be emotion of want and desire attached to the numbers and money. Not all you thinks in number and about money make money, ask the teller in your bank how much he makes.

Focus in important when you start your business, once you are successful your business takes care of your focus.

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