Thursday, December 11, 2008

Small Business With Your Personal Blog

How to Convert Your Personal Blog into a Small Business.

Earlier in this blog, I have said that only niche blogs and MFA blogs work well as a small business model, but you can also convert your personal blogs into small businesses. In my research, I have found that many of the personal blogs does have potential of turning into a small businesses.

The reason is simple. As we spend most of our time working to make money which is our profession, we tend to write about our professions. We write about money in our personal blogs, we write about our hobbies, we write about personal battles like illness in the family. Without knowing we write about many things which will be useful for other people looking for answers. And that is why even personal blogs have the potential of a business.

Identifying the posts which have this value of business in your personal blog and optimizing them with keyword tweaking and back links, you can turn your blog into a business. You can monetize your blog either with adsense or affiliate links. You don't have to sell actively. Visitors click on the ads either inspired by your post or disappointed by your post if it is not giving the answer they are looking for. Active selling by recommending the product is altogether is a different style of business.

Okay.... I know I have strayed. Coming back to converting personal blog into business. For example, if you are a rancher you will naturally write a lot about your ranch, problems you encountered and the solutions you found etc. Just going to a keyword tool and punching in "ranch" and "rancher" will give you a number of keywords. You can select suitable long tail keywords, go back to the posts your have written about your ranch and tweak them into the post.

If you have a lot of links for the posts, these keywords will start bringing visitors to your blog. If you don't have links, you have to market your blogs. I will write about marketing your small business in a different post. Once the visitors are there, you can monetize your blog. How much you can make depends on value of the keyword and numbers of visitors. I have micro small businesses in real life. I have a micro business model which takes care of only my car's annual insurance, I am keeping it because I am absolutely not spending any time to maintain it. Do not neglect anything which can make you money without spending time. The time we spend in this world is very little and spending majority of our time working for money is not wise.

Build your personal blog into a business now.

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