Thursday, December 11, 2008

Money, Hard Work, and Small Business

Money The Principal Motivator For Small Business Success

The most important motivation factor for the success of a small business is money. You should train mind to think in terms of money. In India to start a business which can make 1000 dollars per month, we need to invest at least 30,000 dollars. I am taking about the type of businesses we are involved in. We manufacture and supply small stainless steel and steel parts for bigger machinery. We are vendors for big manufactures.

We raise most or all of the capital through bank loans. As I said to make 1000 dollars per month we invest 30, 000 dollars, we buy machinery, we employ at least 4 people to work in the small industry, we procure orders from bigger companies, and run the business. So right from the beginning, our motivation is a result of thinking in terms of profit and profit alone. From the start till making our small business run automatically producing 1000 dollars per month, profit drives us to work and finish every big and little tasks we have to complete like getting the loan, selecting the location for our business, buying the machinery, hiring people, getting the orders, and starting the business on an auspicious day.

Within months, our business starts making 1000 dollars in profit. You can have the same success with your online business, if you ready to spend and invest money and spend a lot of time working hard. Where and how to spend money online to is beyond the scope of this blog. The great fact is you can make 1000 dollars per month using a free blog like blogspot for your business. But you have to substitute the capital investment with time and hard work for your success with your blog as a small business

It was very difficult for me to keep my focus thinking and motivated by money when I started a free blog like this 2 years back. The small business owner in me told me that If I tackle that one difficulty, I and focus and optimize my blog and make 1000 dollars per month. With a blog as a small business you don't deal with calculating the cost of material, salaries of your employees, hiring vehicles to transport your goods, dealing with tax, and many other overheads where you always deals with money and calculations. And you fail to think in numbers. This is both good and bad for a blogger who wants his blog to be a business. It is good because a blogger with no business skill can successfully run his blog as a small business. And it is bad because, even a business man like me tend to lose focus.

Think money when you are in small business. Massive focus hard work with keywords, posts, articles, writing, posting, marketing, linking, reading (helpful blogs) makes you a successful business owner. Think in numbers, think in number of hours you work for your blog, number or links you need to get, number of articles you need to write, number of dollars you want to make. Always think in numbers and dollars. Link all these activities with success and money making and with a short period of time you can taste success with small business.

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