Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Convert Your Blog Into A Small Business For Success

If you take a look at the blogs which are not money making blogs, you will find that most of them are just online diaries. But some of us begin blogs because we think we have something useful to tell to the people but either forget or refuse to make money from them. These types of blogs can be converted into small businesses which can earn money for us.

If the blog is not about your opinions, your daily life, your family, or your frustrations but about something which can help people in their daily living by giving information, knowledge, tips about any particular subject and educating them, then you have a fair chance of converting it into small business. I am stressing about turning your blog into a small business because once you consider your blog as a business, your working style change. There will be a paradigm shift. You will work meticulously with enhanced discipline.

You don't have to stuff keywords into your posts. Search engines no more consider keyword density for authority because many spammers stuff their blogs with keywords. just using the keywords in the heading and at the end of the post and just twice or thrice in your post depending on the length of the post is enough. You don't have to change your writing style. You don't have to be a great writer as you are not writing a novel here and online novels don't make money. You don't even have to change your creative title of the blog.

Once you decide to convert your blog into a small business (this may eventually grow into a big business depending upon the scope of the subject you are covering), you need to look for and research for keywords which suite your subject or subjects. You need to see whether there are adsense ads for the keywords and how much they can earn for you. Google provides many different tools for complete research on this subject of keyword optimization for adsense.

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