Monday, December 8, 2008

A Great Small Business Idea

I started blogging like many of you for self expression and to share my thoughts and ideas. I started using Hubpages for this and registered with Google Adsense. The very next day, I saw both Hubpages and Google sending me visitors and I made 10 cents the first day.

I started my second blog using free Blogger blog. I wrote a couple of posts, installed adsense which once again was prompted by Google to make money with my blog, submitted to directories, and forgot about the blog completely for a couple of days.

Within a couple of days after writing my first post , Google started sending me traffic just a couple of visitors per day and I started making money (just cents) from both Hubpages and my blogspot blog steadily without actively working anymore other than trying to know more about making money.

The reason for my immediate success was Google indexed my hub immediately and took about a three weeks to index my blogspot blog. Without knowing much about SEO, I accidentally wrote keyword rich posts and build links by submitting to the directories and commenting on other blogs. I never knew that these activities (linking and keywords) actually help me make more money. I just followed what other bloggers told me to do by their blogs. And within a month, I made 5 dollars.

The businessman in me who runs a couple of small businesses successfully recognized the potential of building and optimizing blogs as small businesses. For me a business is a system which once started and optimized continues to make money with little maintenance, which grows with little more effort, and which can be sold. A blog which is optimized for certain money making keywords continues to make money with little maintenance, it grows if you continue to put effort, and it can be sold (though I never thought of selling my businesses or real and online).

And I started building blogs as businesses and make money..... cents.... dollars....tens... hundreds...thousands....

Start building blogs as small businesses.

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