Monday, December 15, 2008

Start a Small Business With A Big Market

Your Small Business With The World As The Market

One of small businesses we have is supplying steel flanges for bigger manufacturers who in turn fit them into boilers and turbines and export. Most of our customers are within a radius of 30 miles from our small manufacturing units. Each flange gives us a profit of a couple of dollars depending on the size. Once we get the order, we calculate the weight of the flange, number of machine hours taken to manufacture a flange, and profit per flange. It may look just few dollars per flange but at the end of the month our profit will be in thousands of dollars by supplying a couple of thousands of flanges.

When you start a small business with your blog and market and optimize it, your market will be the whole world, people all around the world searching for the information and product you are writing about and marketing lands in your blog, few of them buy from you if you are selling something and few click on the ads in your blog. If may be just cents per click, but as your business grows the profit from your business grows with cents turning into few dollars and few dollars into thousands of dollars.

As for many years we are the same products continuously to the same customers, our businesses are almost on the autopilot and most of the days we does our business on phone. Somewhere, in this blog I have mentioned about a micro small business which takes care of my car's annual insurance which runs in couple of thousand dollars. I actually supply industrial wipers to a company. Regularly on weekly intervals, I get a call for supply and I make a call to the person who supplies the goods to me which reaches my customer within hours through my office, simple.

Made for adsense blogs and affiliate website do make just hundreds of dollars for the owners, but with many of them, the bloggers and website owners make thousands of dollars every month. This is a great business. Continuous work on marketing and optimizing enables your small business to run on autopilot. Start a small business with your blog today.

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