Sunday, November 9, 2008


After a brief experience with a meditation session conducted by some local college, I have gotten convinced that meditation paves way for optimal living. But being a person with lot of lethargy and inconsistencies, I failed to actually pursue meditation regularly. But I never had forgotten the initial experience I had with meditation and wanted to meditate regularly starting some time in the near future, which I failed to do until about a year ago.

In between my first session of meditation and my starting of regular meditation a year ago looking for meditation which I will stick to in my life, I came across may types of meditation and actually practices for a brief periods of time. One of them is Vippasana which I consider the most difficult for me as I struggled all the ten days I practiced and can say that I failed because it was too difficult for my to sit meditating for hours together. My mind was perfectly undisciplined that it was difficult for me to concentrate even for a few minutes.

There are different types of successful meditation techniques available to you indicating that meditation is a personal experience and differs from one person to other. I also wanted to learn what is called Transcendental Meditation which I could not because neither I could pay for the course at that time nor I was happy with the person who was authorized to teach me the meditation.

About a year back looking for some meditation technique, I came across a website called Project Meditation where I could download free meditation CDs and liked the teaching method and the CDs so much that I continued practicing. The website claims that the meditation is similar if not same to what is called transcendental meditation which is disputed by the people who claim to be practicing official transcedental meditation (funny to see something like meditation becoming a trademark). I do not know what is transcendental meditation and am not interested to know a type of meditation which is a trademark.

If you are looking for free spiritual healing meditation download go to Project Meditation, you may like it and continue. If you don't like it, its okay you are not going to lose anything.

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