Friday, June 20, 2008


By using a specific thought process you can kill and end procrastination devil. First write down the things you have been procrastinating from doing. Place them into daily, weekly, monthly, and once in a lifetime groups. Now under each item write down the reasons why you have to do them immediately or start doing them immediately. If they fall under continuous process like physical exercise, studying, writing, gardening etc, create the thought process everyday, keep this journal handy and go through it everyday. Many actions become habits and you will not need to motivate yourself with urgency.

Apart from things which are naturally urgent like health, food, sleep, clothes and some work related chores, your thought process makes the other things urgent, so create a similar urgency in very important but not so urgent work. This can be done easily. Just write down and start thinking why it is urgent. Your thought process itself will create the urgency.

Once the thought process is kick started, the body starts giving out uneasy sensations which will be replaced by pleasant sensations only when you complete the work. Now take a pen and a paper and start writing down the actions you have to take.....create the thought process and complete the work you have been procrastinating. If created urgency can make you utilize your time efficiently and achieve success in different fields. And at the fag end of your life if you look back, you will see a life lived fully.

The article is written by using the same technique I have explained above to cure procrastination.

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