Friday, June 20, 2008


Breast Implantation

The size and shape of their breasts is one of the concerns of modern woman. Small size of the breasts directly affects their figure and hence their self imaging. Like any type of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is also a cosmetic surgical procedure done to enhance the self-image of the woman by enhancing shape and size of the breasts. Having naturally small size or odd shaped breasts and losing the shape or increase in size of their breasts are most common reasons why woman chose breast augmentation. Woman would also like to undergo breast augmentation surgery when the shape and size of their breasts are different.

The breast implants used for breast augmentation are of two types silicone and saline implants. Though silicone breast implants were used most commonly in the past, it has been restricted by FDA in 1992. Saline implants which are filled with salt water which is considered completely safe and is compatible. Saline implants filled with IV fluid are the only type of implants allowed by FDA.

There are many choices and options to the woman who wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Women can chose the style of the implant, shape of the implant, size of the implant, and the size and location of the incision done for the placement of the implant.

As for the location of the implant, women can chose whether the implants are placed beneath the muscle of the chest or above the muscle of the chest. The beneath the muscle placement method which is also called submuscular method is most commonly used since the placement of the implant here increases the padding of the implant resulting in more coverage of the implants shape camouflaging it. The over the muscle implant method also known as subglandular implant placement method is used in the women who had a large amount of decrease in the volume of the breasts with no shrinkage in the skin leaving a shape of the empty bag to the breasts.

For choosing location of incision made for the placement of the implant, there are three different locations used for the implantation. These three locations of the incisions are inframammary crease incision the lower chest area where the breast contacts the chest, periareolar incision around the areola,and axillary incision in the arm pit. It is known that the first type of inframammary crease incision is considered the best as it is well covered by the natural curve of the lower breast, it can be covered by almost all types of bikinis. This type of inframammary crease has the pocket of the implanted prosthesis very close to the incision and it is very easy to accurately place the prosthesis.

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