Friday, June 27, 2008

Treatment For Old Acne Scars

If "how do I get rid of old acne scars" is one of the questions you are asking yourself and others frequently, then you need to know some facts about the acne scars and how you developed them in the first place. Developing acne scar is because of 2 major factors one of which is tissue formation around the pimple which gets minimized over a period of time and the second one is loss of this tissue which is formed around the pimple which falls off after a period of time. These two types of scars are to be treated if you what to get rid of them.

Whatever may be the cause of the acne scars you are suffering with, there are many creams for the treatment of old acne scars available in the market. But you should be prudent when selecting the cream to be used. You cannot just by them just by getting influenced by the advertisements and experiences of your friends. Your friends might have a different problem from that of you, and the creams shown in the advertisements are not always effective.

Though it will be prudent to buy products of reputed companies, knowing the type of acne scar you are having and the best treatment for that particular type of acne scar.

Some of these creams have exfoliants as the main ingredients and will be very helpful only when you say how can I get rid of acne old scars and do not have any current acne problem. Hence, if you are having a current acne problem and having old scars at the same time, you have to purchase a cream from a reputed company without exfoliants in it to get rid of your old acne scars.

Many of the best old acne scar removal creams contain herbs, vitamins especially vitamin A, silicone gels. It will be prudent to consult a dermatologist before using herbal creams as these may have side-effects though they are natural ingredients. Alphahydroxy is a one of major ingredient used in many succesfull acne scar removal creams. Alphahydroxy is known to help the skin become smoother by removing the tough out layer of the skin.

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