Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How To Cure Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Looking at the vast collection of self-help books you have, you might be wondering aloud "what went wrong." After reading the books and trying hard to bring about changes in your life using the exercises provided by them, you failed to achieve any substantial success. You might have tried to throw away those books into the trash, but something in you has said that in fact many of these books are helpful and did help you in a small way many times. One fine day you wrote down all the worthwhile goals you wanted to achieve and even collected the pictures of the home and the car you wanted to purchase. You divided the goals into long-term, short-term, weekly, and daily goals. You have followed all the instructions exactly they are given in the book you last read. You even was successful in reaching the daily goals for a couple of days. Then somehow you don't know when but you seem to forget every thing about your goals and the you don't even remember where you kept the book with your life's goals written in it. You continue to live your normal and not so special life until you come across another self-help book promising everything worth living for.

Watching our body and mind is one of the best ways to find out the reason for this inconsistency in our energy and motivation. Sometimes we feel clear minded and motivated completing the tasks towards our goals very easily while on other days we feels stressed, lethargic, trying to spend time watching television. I think the problem is within us which is preventing us from reaching our goals. Looking deep I found out that generalized anxiety disorder, GAD is one of the reasons for our failure. Generalized anxiety disorder works completely against all the teachings so for I learned from the self-help gurus. Worrying is the main symptom of generalized anxiety disorder. It works against attracting good things through the law of attraction, like if you are trying to attract wealth through the exercises of imagination, your mind also is worrying by thinking of losing the wealth.

Lightheadedness, diarrhea, sweating, and feeling weak are some of the physical symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. It also works against your desire to have a better physical health and good looking body. When you are feeling lethargic and better like to remain in the bed. In a nutshell, for a person suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, it is very difficult to bring about change in his life. It is very difficult to work hard consistently when you are suffering from GAD. So getting rid of this problem is of greater importance than any other thing for a successful living. Meditation (transcendental meditation) as I found out is one of the effective ways to deal with generalized anxiety disorder. Watching your thoughts and trying to cultivate the habit of positive thinking is also very helpful. Attacking your negative thoughts with positive ones is one more way to work naturally on generalized anxiety disorder. Watch your thoughts, you will be the best person who can tell what helps you.

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