Monday, May 12, 2008

Credit Card Debt Collection Training

One of my cousins has undergone credit card debt collection training recently and is working in card debt collecting, and it seems he is doing well. The credit card usage around the world is increasing every day. We are stopping taking lot of currency in our wallets anymore. People are using credit cards to purchase anything and everything right from filling gas to purchasing goods in the stores. They forget that what they are using is credit card and with every purchase they are taking loan from their banks and need to payback. As for most of the people shopping is an impulsive activity, then don't pay it back. When they don't pay back the banks give the responsibility of collecting the money back to the debt collector. To become a debt collector the bank or the finance company give credit card dept collection training.

Yes having credit card debt collection training is definitely going you help you if you are looking for better opportunities. Credit card debt collection is one of the most profitable businesses you can make if you are already in the financing industry. acquiring the debts which are written off by the lenders cheaply is one of the reasons why this business is very profitable.

My cousin says that my assumption that it is necessary getting trained in pressure tactics is wrong. He says most of it is developing communication and convincing people.
He says the credit card debt collection training makes you gain the ability to have a personal touch with the customers without putting unnecessary stress on the customers which the credit card companies are not able to do. He says they rarely harass customers and most of them are good with weak financial intelligence and lack of discipline. He says handling these people is easy as they respect their privacy and peace of mind and would like to repay the credit card debt as soon as possible. Essentially the situation is of win and win and win for all the three parties involved. The credit card company with the help of a dept collector could prevent expensive lawsuit, the debtor gets a adviser who can guide him to towards being debt free, and the debt collector has a successful career


Anonymous said...

Hey Soham,
This is quite an interesting post. We finally get to hear the other side of the story. :-) Although there are a lot of collection agencies that use harassment i.e. calling people at odd hours and at their offices, to their relatives houses etc (which of course your lawyer can take care of :) ), majority of them are quite willing to work with you as long as you respect them.
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Eddie said...

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David said...
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David said...
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kakaboo said...

Yes, it is a profitable business but it is really not easy.........

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