Sunday, May 11, 2008

Traits Of Successful People

There are two types of successful people. The people who don't know anything about the science of success or law of attraction but are very successful because they are designed naturally for success and if you look closely you can find them having almost all of the traits you find written in the success literature. The second type of successful people are not designed for success naturally other than having only one trait which is called desire. If you are reading this, then you are the second type. The only thing you have to keep intact throughout you life is the desire of success,a burning desire.

They say that successful people have vision and focus. Vision is the ability to see the future and plan for the future, and focus is the ability to complete what they have started in spite of many disturbances, shortcomings, and failures. For many of the the football match on the TV is enough to lose our focus on that day's work. If that is what we do, there is no question of vision. So the second trait after burning desire is focus. To develop focus we need to develop discipline first. Discipline is the ability to control our impulses and being able to sacrifice small joys today for greater success tomorrow.

The second trait of successful people is known to be persistence and perseverance. Watching small kids playing games, I found out three different types in them. I called them the losers, the winners, and the lovers. The first type losers lose most of the games generally because of lack of skill, lose interests and either leave the game or convince others to play a different game or join the others when they are playing a different game or just go home and watch TV. The winners are those who win mostly because of their skill and ability to win. Sometimes they also like the game just for the game or because winning makes them like the game. The third type is lovers. No matter what happens these children continue to play the game and they just love the game. They don't abandon the game even they taste failure regularly. I have seen that these lovers eventually become winners. So you have to either develop a strong desire to win which makes you develop skills or just love the work you do soo much that eventually you life becomes a story of success. The successful singer today had same talent and beautiful voice yesterday when he was nobody before success. .

I don't think other things like taking calculated risks, continuous learning, able to communicate well, networking etc are very important for success. These are abstract things for me. Burning desire, focus, persistence, and skills in your particular chosen field is enough to make you successful. I know many successful people who are not very good communicators and many of them shy. It is just the success coaches are increasing the list of to-do-things just to keep them busy and are very good in convincing you that you wont be successful unless you take up their $ 10,000 program which goes for 2-days in a five star hotel.

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