Thursday, January 19, 2012

Steve Pavlina is Evil

If you are reading this blog post because of the title of this blog you are someone who has nothing worthwhile to do and has a lot of time to wasting first reading Steve Pavlina and then reading how Steve Pavlina is Evil.  I am sure you will have the habit of hoping from one blog to another reading the stuff and commenting and then thinking about the post and your comment for a few more hours, logging into your mail multiple times to see whether someone has replied to your comment.  I will also have the addiction to social media (read Facebook) syndrome. But if you are someone seeking guidance and just strayed into this website because of the title of the blog itself searching for personality development stuff on the web, I am sure you, like me, are not going to become a billionaire like Bill Gates…. but …. Personality development courses help….

Personality development stuff helps but you but it will not make a super hero, and there should be a limit to seeking help.  You cannot be an eternal student; you should grow using the stuff you learned.  I have many friends who are very successful small business owners.  I call them successful because their income is five to ten times more than their expenditure and are happy lot with no desire to expand their businesses, and always trying finding ways to spend money for fun and good cause.

All of them started at a low level.  It took them almost ten to fifteen years to reach their present place.  Hope, positive thinking, working with positive expectations and wealth consciousness are the four pillars which worked for them.  They are also regular in their gyms and maintaining their relationships well because none of them are divorced.

We have to learn watching these people rather then the epic posts of Mr Steve Pavlina.  These epic posts are good for him, that’s good for SEO but it is you who is a loser.  For example look at the post in his site with the title “Help Wanted” which is about 2350 words.   Many read this post (according to him, I have not read the post) and discussed in forums wasting more time and then after ten  days he wrote another post, this time it is a bigger epic  about  6210 words stating that the previous post was an April Fools post  WTF.

If you are normal person with no big psychological problems, you don’t need epics to help you.  If your weight is a problem, just plan an exercise program with help of an expert and start working on your body.  Epics don’t help you.  If you have relationship problem go to a relationship counselor.  This fellow Steve Pavlina cannot keep normal relationship but talks about conscious relationship and is ready to teach you for 500 dollars.   Most, I repeat, most of the seekers of personality development will never become enlightened unless they work towards success.

Just over 500 words…. sorry.

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