Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can We Change The Negative Sensations

I am reading one of the great self helps books which is in public domain, The Master Key System.  But the general sense I am feeling is what I call "negative sensations" in the body and slight restlessness.  I am unable to concentrate on the book as I am feeling restless.  Why actually I am having these sensations and restless mind I don't know.  So I stopped reading the book.  I have a strong belief in "law of attraction" and I know before reading the book that whatever the book is going to teach will not contradict with my belief system.  I also strongly believe this book if followed and practiced, can have a positive change in my life, but still I am having a negative sensation......  why?

Before continuing this book I know I have to change my sensations, believe in strong positive outcome after the completion of the book along with exercises.  That is my intension which I gave to my mind and I know I will achieve this before continuing to read the book again.  I will either update this post or write another post telling how I got rid of these negative sensations.  If you have ever experienced such a situation and came out of it, please do comment.

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