Friday, April 10, 2009

Natural Exercise For Health

All the types of exercise, aerobics, weight lifting, cycling, and many more are not natural to human beings. These exercises are designed after man stopped being physically active when he came out of the jungles and formed civilized societies, cars, bikes, and computers.

Sitting in front of a computer working all the day is also not natural and that is the reason why you get sick within a few years as a computer engineer. Adding to this unnatural ways of working life, we also start to develop methods of eating, drinking, and sleeping which are also unnatural. Driving in a busy traffic is not natural to us, we have to driving in busy roads is not natural to us, watching TV for hours late in the night is not natural to us.

Many of these things we do are necessary like working in front of a computer. Some of our unnatural habits can be avoided like watching TV for hours till mid night, eating junk food are some of the habits we can actually avoid.

We have come so far into the civilization with technological development, going back is impossible now. But with a little creativity, we can have exercise to our body, rest to our mind, and stress release to both. You can start natural exercises for health.

Walking is one of the basic exercises our body needs to have. Surprisingly, slowly we are forgetting how to walk. Lack of walking results in losing the powers in your hamstring and quadriceps muscles. Without exercise these muscles atrophy and muscles pull on bones acting like a lever system and hence whenever you climb stairs or try to walk long distances suddenly your knees get hurt and you start having a knee pain.

This is just a simple example of what can happen to your body by not walking enough. Think about what can happen to your body by not doing other natural things which your body is built for like running, climbing, playing, fighting, jumping, shouting, crying, laughing, making faces (facial muscle exercise), pulling, pushing, etc.

We have 639 muscles in us and 30 of them are facial muscles. All of these muscles need exercise to continue working healthily. Your heart is also a muscle; it also needs exercise to continue to be healthy.

You can adopt few of your natural behaviors and stay healthy without actually getting into a regular exercise program. Walk more use your creativity and come out with a list of adjustments which can make you to walk more. I am not going to give you tips like parking your care a bit further away from your office because that may not be feasible to you. It is better if you come up with your our tips to walk more.

One think I have seen very effective is keep bragging about your walking, tell your family about your walking, why you are doing it, and what are the benefits you are getting from it. Keep talking about these benefits, in weeks, in months, and in years. This type of bragging creates self image and image others develop about you. They may feel bored about your bragging but as they develop an image of you as a person who developed creative ideas to walk more on a daily basis, a person who is healthier than most of them, a person with a lot of discipline.

Though it may look funny at the beginning for them but in due course your friends and you yourself will recognize new character trait discipline in you. When it comes to belief people choose a man with discipline.

With the success with your walking, slowly develop ideas to give work to all the 639 muscles in your body, laugh more. If watching “Pursuit of Happyness” makes you cry, please cry. Develop ways to de-stress yourself, your mind. Cut your TV time. My personal favorite is playing with my dog. It gives me and dog a lot of exercise, lot of laughing, lot of love and a better health.

Now take a pencil and a paper and start listing your ideas for a healthy life without exercise.

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Natural ways to achieve a healthy body is far better than expensive and unnatural ways.