Sunday, April 12, 2009

Confidence In Simple Steps

Confidence is a state of mind which is very important for any type of success. But the problem here is today’s confidence depends on yesterday’s success and that success results from the day before yesterday’s effort. But the problem is the effectiveness of that effort which depends on the confidence you had that day. Now you know to be successful you need to have confidence and to have the confidence you should have a track record of success
How Can You Have Confidence Without A Track Record Of Success
Having confidence without any previous success record is very simple. If you practice one simple trick, you can have all the confidence you need to have for your success. Just start acting as if you are confident. It may look simple and silly; you may also feel silly at first. Just try this for one day and see the results.
While practicing this trick you need to know that you should also change your thinking style to that of a confident person. It is difficult to know what a confident person thinks about, but you know what type of thoughts make you confident. If you don’t know already try with different types of positive thoughts. One of the main traits in confident people is that they brag about themselves a lot. No I am not saying that great people brag a lot, but common people who are confident do this a lot. Just try this, brag about yourself while speaking with your friends, spouse, and parents. Tell them what a great person you are, what great things you are going to do and achieve.
It may look silly to you and your friends but slowly it builds confidence in you. Most of the time, our internal dialogue is similar to the external dialogue we have with others. The tone of the voice, the choice of the words we use, and the force of the language we use while we are speaking with others is similar to the tone of the voice, the choice of the words we use, and the force of the language we use when we a speaking to ourselves.
You cannot exclude your body from this exercise. What your body does will definitely have an effect on your mind and vice versa. Dry different walking styles, facial expressions, sitting postures, and hand gestures.

Try this for a few days speak confidently every time even to your dog, think confident, and use body movements like a confident person. In due course you will develop a habit of confidence and slowly you will start tasting success in your life.
Simple Confidence Improves Your Life’s Experience
The way how you were experiencing your life before this exercise and how you are going to experience after this exercise will be completely different. It is true that confidence increases the chances of success in your life. But more importantly, the life you will have as a confident person will be worth living than a person without confidence
As I said earlier, confidence is a positive state of mind which is very important to make your life worth living. No you don’t have to become the richest person in the world. Simple changes in your behavior, thinking, lifestyle will turn your life into a great experience.

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