Monday, March 16, 2009

The Miraculous Way to Eliminate Acne Scar

While I saw many teenagers being paranoid of getting acne and also actually suffering from acne, I often see of middle ages people suffering from the acne scars which were left by the acne problem they had in their teens.

As said early in this blog, acne can affect anybody of any age. But most often we see teenagers suffering from this problem of acne. Most of the time, the untreated acne leaves scars which looks like small pits. These acne scars generally fade away in due course but often times people with severe acne attack suffer from acne scars years after successfully getting treated for acne.

There are many ways to get these acne scars treated. Most of these methods involve in removal of the old skin layer and forming a new skin layer. The brand new skin will be smoother, soft, scar free and attractive. Intrusive methods like laser skin rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, and other less intrusive methods like derma roller, sand blasting, microdermabrasion, diamond microdermabrasion works well for acne scar removal.

I do not know how exactly they work but there are also acne scar removal creams available in the market. There are other non intrusive methods which are said to be very helpful. Some of them are applying vitamin E, applying olive oil to the skin, applying lemon juice into the scars.

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