Monday, March 9, 2009


I always had fun learning new things. Learning to how to make soy candles is one of best ways I had fun for the last couple of days. Making soy candles is not a difficult job and the satisfaction you get after creating some useful thing with lot of raw material is immense.

The first raw material you need to have for making a candle is wax and for soy candles of course soy wax. Soy wax is made from soybean and are hundred percent environmental friendly.

Like any other candle making for soy candle making also you need to mix the wax with dye, fragrance pour it into a specific candle making container with a wick. I want to warn you that the dye and fragrance you use may not give you the desired color or fragrance after completion of the making. Like any other skill while learning you may have an end product which is worse than that you have imagined. Have you ever tried cooking. But like cooking you can master the skin and start making good quality soy candles.

There many natural essences and other fragrances available in the market which you can use for making the soy candle. I will tell you how to make soy candles in a few simple steps, but remember that I am not an expert candle maker and it has started very recently to be one of my hobbies. I hope you will enjoy making the soy candle and also using them.
I am like a good am armature not going to give you any measures of the wax and number of candles to make. If you want to have some fun by making soy candles you can continue reading but if you want to learn this professionally and start making soy candles for business purposes, then I think you are in a wrong place.

Thanks for continuing. I suppose that you are a person who is interesting in these types of hobbies. If so, you will have a natural skill of knowing how much ingredients you need to put to make a candle. Even if you fail, I know you will have very little number of failures before learning how to make soy candles.

Apart from the raw material, you need to get a container to melt the wax. You as a beginner may not need a wax melter but just a container like a kettle will do. Any oil or wax when melted and heated when they reach their boiling point where start giving out fumes, these fumes can catch fire and can be dangerous. So be careful and melt the wax very slowly, and do not leave I repeat do not leave the melting wax and go away. If you don't believe me try to put off a burning candle and place a lighted match immediately above the wick where the while fumes are still coming from the wick. These fumes catch fire so be careful while melting the soy wax for making a candle. For safety you can use a container which comes with a numerical temperature gauge.

The boiling point of the soy wax is around 280 degrees and you can add the candle dye when it reaches the temperature around 170 but if you do not have a temperature gauge, you know when to add the dye, experiment my friend. Then stir the wax to make the dye mix in the wax completely. Now around the same 170 degrees of temperature add fragrance to the wax and continue stirring. After stirring for about two to three minutes reduce the temperature a little bit to about 150 degrees. Now you are ready to pour the soy wax into the molds to make soy candles. You cannot pour the wax in very cool molds, these molds should be a bit warm to have your soy candles form properly.

After pouring wax into the molds wait for some time, once the wax starts forming thin layer of solidification you can insert the wicks. See that you place the wicks straight. After placing the wicks wait for about four hours and then removing the candles from the mold by pulling out holding the wicks.

This is how I made my soy candles. No doubt I failed at the beginning. My candles were not of that high grade but slowly my candles took a nice what I can call professional look. So hope you have learned how to make soy candles at least as an amateur.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Before learning how to make soy candles, I have bought some soy candles myself because I wanted to compare the end product with the original professional ones. Before this I have never used a soy candle until recently one of my friends presented some soy candles to me.
Among these soy candles there were also aromatherapy soy candles. These candles have different fragrances than the normal once and more expensive. I have admit that these aromatherapy soy candles are indeed great way of unwind after stressful day. You feel relaxed. Take a shower after coming home from work, light a candle and mediate for about ten minutes, you will come to know how effective these aromatherapy soy candles are for relaxation and meditation.

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