Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Is BMI | How To Calculate Your BMI

Body Mass Index in short is known as BMI. Body mass index is a number which is calculated by using the weight and height of a person and this body mass index roughly shows the total weight of the person which comes from the fat. It is considered the higher your BMI the higher will be fat content in your body. A person is known to be obese if his BMI is over 30, overweight if his BMI is between 25 to 30 and underweight if his body mass index is under 18. The ideal BMI is considered to be between 18.5-24.9 and the person with this ideal BMI is considered to be maintaining an ideal healthy weight.

On a personal note when I last checked my BMI was around 26.9 which is considered overweight. I need to lose a lot of weight at least 10 kilograms. But this method of measuring the fat present in your body has its own drawbacks. Me and my cousin both are of exactly same weight and height but I think the fat content in his body is very less comparing to me because he is a muscular man who is physically very active. This BMI calculations may be good for people who eat more and work (physical) less like me and many other bloggers.
Woman also known to have more fact that is subcutaneous like that fat in the hips, thighs and breasts. And by the way, I remember someone saying that subcutaneous fat is not harmful but the cholesterol which is called LDL or bad cholesterol which is in your blood that is dangerous and can cause heart problems.

How To Calculate Your BMI

The BMI is calculated as using a formula, for standard system it is BMI = [weight / (height x height)] x 703 and metric system it is BMI = [weight / (height x height)].
You do not have to struggle with the formula to calculate your BMI there are many free BMI calculators available on the diet and weight loss websites. The best one I have found is from a website called This website calculate your BMI using both standard and metric .

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