Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TMJ Pain Disorder And Exercises

Temporomandibular joint in short is known as TMJ. This is a joint which connects the temporal bone to the mandible. This TMJ is joint is used for whatever reason you use your mouth for. Though TMJ means a joint in your body this term loosely refers to the problems suffered by TMJ. These problems include symptoms like headache, pain, earaches, clicking, toothaches, inability to use the jaw, and pain exactly at the joint.

The problem with the TMJ pain is it can spread throughout the face and also neck up to shoulders. There are many causes for this problem and overuse is one of them. Recently, my dentist extracted three of my mandibular molars while I was suffering from severe tooth ache with cavities. He said the pain is due to infection and removed two of the upper ones and one of the lower one. I was not convinced when he said that I had infection because there was no swelling or pus present but the pain was enormous at TMJ.

Even after removal of three teeth, the tooth pain continued as a blogger I searched the Internet and came to know that the pain is actually of TMJ. And it was difficult to diagnose this because it is caused by poor blood flow to the TMJ and no x-rays can detect this. Personally, for me the reason for the TMJ pain not using the right set of molars while eating and chewing making it lose the daily exercise.
The Exercises
The same website where I could find the information about my problem with TMJ also gave some exercises like warm compresses and jaw exercises. To my surprise, the severe shooting pain disappeared with hours of applying warm compresses with jaw exercises. Unfortunately, I lost three of my not so good teeth. If you suffer from this type of pain where you think this is tooth ache without any swelling then try warm compresses and exercise your jaw by opening and closing your mouth wide. I am sure your tmj disorder will go away with this.
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TMJ Relief Helpful Books:

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