Friday, January 2, 2009


Why more and more people are interested using all natural skin care products rather using synthetic ones. It is the belief that synthetic is not as good as natural. The word natural itself has a great influence for someone who wants to look beautiful as beauty itself belongs to nature. My belief is that using natural skin care products is good for your skin as many other people, I do belief treating my skin with natural ingredients would be more beneficial that using artificial ingredients.

When I started using only natural skin care products, I had a question about the availability of natural products for all types of skin problems. Whenever, I recommend natural products, people use to think that something synthetic is harmful. No it is not my opinion, I think when two products are available in the market for skin care, one is a natural product and other a synthetic product, being the effects of both the products are I would like to use and recommend the natural one just because of the guarantee the word natural gives when it comes to side effects are concerned.

This is only because of my experience with both types of skin care products. I am still recommending and using many synthetically produced skin care products, just when no natural alternative is available in the market which is so effective in treating the skin as the synthetic one.One more reason for my recommending synthetic products is that natural products do use many synthetic preservatives and are not hundred percent natural. The natural preservative used to make a product hundred percent natural are not as effective as synthetic ones in preservation of the products and hence have very little self life.

And natural skin care products though natural, sometimes due have side effects on the skin. So my advice to you would be, keep your inclination towards the natural products intact and do not go for blindly. No doubt natural products are great but still some may not be a hundred percent solution for your problem. It is better to go for synthetic where the natural ones are not effective.For effective use of natural skin care products, you have to use all the tips which you use while buying the synthetic ones. Your skin type, skin allergies that you have, the way of apply the product, the desired result, regularity of the use, etc. Have a great skin using all natural skin care products.

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