Friday, January 2, 2009

How To Install Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring involves going to the installation procedures given by the manufacturer. Our recommendation is to go through the instructions given by the manufacturer for the laminate floorings you have bought. Though laminate manufactured by different manufacturers are similar to one another you can find differences regarding how to glue the laminates etc. Failing to follow the instructions of installing laminate wood flooring will result in void of the warranty given by the manufacturer.

Most of the common instructions given by the manufacturers are, to make sure the floor is level without any undulations in it so as to place the laminate planks on a completely level surface. Installing laminate flooring as previously mentioned requires leveling of the ground for seating of the planks perfectly. After purchasing the laminates allowing them to adjust to he new environment before installation is also a very important factor in installing laminate flooring.Installing gluess laminate flooring may seem like a difficult task but with a little knowledge and few tools any homeowner can install glue-less laminate floorings very easily in a short period of time.

As mentioned earlier in this blood making sure the measurements are accurate is most important feature in installing laminate flooring. Failing to take measurements properly and to assess the flooring needs before starting installation of laminated flooring needs to be given great attention. As mentioned before ordering at least ten percent of material more than you measured to be needed is very important because it would a headache to run out of laminates before you finish the job completely. It is also important to take you own time in laying out the laminated floorings because installing in haste would result in a shoddy work.

The over purchase of material would help you in case of damages or discoloration of the planks. And it is very important to have some additional pieces after work for repairs and replacements in the future in case if the manufacturer stopped producing the type, color, or pattern of the planks you have used.Preparing the substrata is very important before installing laminate flooring. The laminate floor can be installed over wood floor or concrete floor. The laminate floor conceals any irregularity in the sub floor, but any major lumps or dents in the sub floor should be dealt with before installing laminated flooring.

Verifying the dryness of the concrete floor around the year is very necessary if the installation of laminate flooring is on a concrete sub floor. If the dryness of the concrete floor in not sure and or if there is more moisture then applying a concrete sealer before installing laminate flooring is important. It can also be done by laying down a plastic sheath between the concrete sub floor and the laminate flooring.

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