Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Law Of Abundance And Manifesting Abundance

What is law of abundance. To understand this law, one has to deeply observe nature and its law. Law of abundance simply means that God has created this universe in such a way that you can have anything that you want to have to have the abundant life. I would like to keep the subject of law of abundance simple and non-religious. Abundance means the property of more than adquate quantity of supply and law of abundance is a law of nature which says there is good in abundance in nature and it is our minds which get addicted to thinking in proverty or scarcity and forget the law of abuance and abonden the abundant living system fighting within ourselves.

At first, it was very difficult for me to understand law of abundance, living abundant life or manifesting abundance became phrases used by people who sell wacky theories of success. Later when I started meditating and starting going beyond the material world, I started to understand this law and its importance. Manfesting abunadance require you to first understand and believe in abundance. How can anyone who is scarcity conscious can even think of having riches. To understand the law of abundance and use this in your life, you have to first get detached from your present situation. You have to first know that the scarcity consciousness is just subjective in nature and anything subjective can be changed and your world outside will change only it is changed inside. First step towards a life of simple abundance is to believe that nature essentially provides you with abundance and nothing but your mind is limiting the flow of abundance.

Here you can do a small exercise. Lie down on a couch or sit in a comfortable chair and relax yourself. Close your eyes and relax your body. Take three deep breaths. Say relax....relax...relax and relax your mind. Now imaging yourself as having all the riches you wanted to have. If you are in a very difficult situation financially, there will be lot of resistance in this imagination exercise. Imagine the car you always wanted to have. Imagine it so clearly that you can see the color and feel the touch. You can smell the interior. Say that is your car. There will resistance now if you are scarcity minded. You can see hour you mind is resisting even imagination. If it is resisting even the imagination even the dream, how do you think it will accept reality. You mind is not accepting riches my friend, you first teach it to accept riches. To do this you have first believe that you can have anything you want to have. You are nothing less nothing more than any other human in this world and God created you and he cannot create inferior things. With the belief in yourself continue imagination. This time your imagination will be more realistic. When you say yourself that the car is actually your, there will be change in your consciousness about abundance. My friend, the day you successfully change your mind from scarcity conciousness to ambuandance concious, you can start manifesting abundance and start living the abundant life.

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