Friday, January 23, 2009

Best Therapeutic Massage Oil For Home Use

Massage oils are used for primarily two reasons. The first reason is applying oil to your body enables lubrication for the massage itself. The second reason is the medicinal qualities of the oils help rejuvenate your body. Massage is very helpful in making you revitalize your body and helps in relaxing the cells of the body. There are many types of massage oils available each having its own medicinal and therapeutic properties. There are blends of oils available for maximum result. However, different skin types reacts differently to various massage oils.

If you have oily skin then, getting rid of greasy oil after an oil massage will be very difficult. And some of the oils actually irritate the skin in some people. There are some oils which decompose and leave a bad small, which instead of soothing you leaves you irritated. Hence it is very important to select the right kind of massage oil which gives maximum benefits soothing your body and soul. You can buy single oils or blends of massage oils available in massage parlours.

Here are few massage oils widely used. You can use, the lighter once mixed with the thicker massage oils for homemade blend of massage oils.

Apricot oil is rich in vitamin E and is expensive compared to may other oils. It has a longer shelf life. Sweet almond oil is widely used in massage parlours because it is not very expensive and very suitable for massaging lubricating your skin well and being absorbed reasonably well. People with nut allergy should not use this oil. It is better for them to go for apricot oil. The other type of oil widely used is Jojoba oil because of its antibacterial properties. It is not irritating to the skin. Jojoba massage oil is good for aromatherapy as it is a very good carrier. If you are not someone who require massage very regularly this is a best oil to go for because of its very long shelf life. This is a little bit expensive and needs to be applied a lot because it gets absorbed by the skin very quickly.

Other massage oils widely used are coconut oil in a form called fractionated coconut oil which less greasy and has a very long shelf life. Avocado oil is a green colored oil and is a heavier oil mostly used along with other massage oils which are light. A very soft, smooth, and silky oil which is very good for personal massage is grape seed oil. Sunflower oil is also used for massages, but this oil has very little shelf life but has very good medicinal properties.
Cocoa butter one more oil used in blend with other oils. Olive oil is also used for massage though it is primarily a cooking oil. The last one is sesame oil widely used in India for massages. It is very nourishing and detoxifying and used for every day self massaging in India.

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