Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small Business Ideas For your Online Small Business

A small research into money making niche online will reveal to you different ways to make money online. You can sell stuff on E bay. You can sell products both your"s and others by sending emails. You can make money by writing articles. You can also make money by suggesting catchy urls for new companies. You can build a website and sell products or information or sell advertisement space on your website or blog.

Of the many ways to make money online, website building and building a blog seemed to be as a real business model. Most of the other methods fall in self employment category. Keeping websites and blogs in mind wait for ideas for starting a small business in these models. There are two methods of building small businesses online. The first method involves keyword research. If there are at least 1000 visitors for that keyword, then see if there are advertisements for that keyword. The simple method is searching for the keyword and see if there are sponsored link appearing on the right had side of the search window. Another method is using Google adsense preview IE tool to see if there are adsense ads. To use this method, you have to first download the Google adsense preview tool. Then search online using your keyword. Then click on one of the websites ranking at the top and use the tool which displays the adsense for the keywords used on the website.

Next, you can build website or blogs using these keywords, optimize, and when the traffic is there display adsense of affiliate links of the products. You can also sell your own product. It is very easy to start this type of business if you have expertise or passion for the subject of your blog or website. For example, if you are an expert in yoga, start a blog or website (beware there is very tough competition for this keyword) and write about yoga and display ads of books on yoga, yoga mats, yoga clothes etc.

Most of the successful people in business are successful because of the staying power. They stay in the business till success knocks on their doors. Even online small business success depends on how many days you are going to stay online and build your business. I have explained only the method I use for the online business. I build websites only on the subject which I have a lot of interest in to sustain long term till I start making good money. My online businesses are micro small businesses completely build by me. When I convert my micro businesses into small businesses, I will employ people to take care of different aspects of online small business and target different niches like lingerie in which I have interest but absolutely no expertise or soccer which is alien to me. Your brain will come with ideas once you give it the business model of your small business online for ideas

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