Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Deal With Gloomy Days And Concentrate On Business

How To Keep Moving When You Are Feeling Low

There will be days of high energy levels when you feel highly motivated and actually do accomplish a lot. And there will also be days of very low energy levels with no motivation at all and all you want to do is go back to bed and stay there till your mood hits the bottom only to rise back. There are many factors influencing your level of experience. Negative thinking is one such factor. But more importantly, your low level of energies and lack of motivation or interest to go out feeling gloomy may also be due to your hormones.

It is okay if the low energy gloomy days are very few. But if you are person with lot of these days then maneuvering your raft effectively through success rapids would become difficult. Staying in bed or couch and watching TV is not going to help you. Exercise always helped me to get into good mood. Vigorous exercise can lift your mood and will help a you a lot in dealing with the depression.

Controlling your moods is very important especially when you just started your small business when your small business is dependent a lot directly on your effort. When you are feeling depressed your world outside will also looks boring and depressed and this state of mind is not good for your business at the beginning. Positive thinking or speaking to your mentor or someone who always encourages you during these days would definitely help you come out of the gloom. It is very important to seek help from someone who is good in motivating others are read success stories and quotes. Chicken Soup To The Soul is one of the best books I keep for these days.

As someone said most of the days as a businessman is very routine. You don't encounter challenges everyday, not every task is exciting, business in not fun, but it is very important to continue enjoying the routine days attending calls and managing the business day. Work is the best treatment for depression and I believe that procrastination itself is a reason for depression.

So get out of the bed, exercise vigorously, take hot water shower, go to your office and try to finish some of the pending work which you have been postponed for a later date. Don't try to take up the tasks where you need a lot of creative thinking. Don't take big decisions on that day. Just complete all the small little pending work like sending emails. Keep yourself busy, and at the end of day look back, you would actually feel good about the day.

Once your small business is running well, you don't have to worry about low energy days, your business will bring you out of the that bad mood. Busy businessman don't have time to think negative and feel depressed. But at the beginning of your career as a small business owner keep in mind that it is very important to keep moving forward no matter how you are feeling on a particular day.

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