Thursday, November 13, 2008

TELESCOPIC COVERS | Both industrial and for swimming pools

A telescopic cover is a cover with parts (sometimes called blades) that slide one within another. These covers are used for covering industrial machines. The telescopic covers has blades which slide on a platform along with the movable mechanism of the main cutting tool. The arrangement of the telescopic covers sliding along with the moving tool prevents chips, cutting coolant entering onto the main working platform.

The telescopic covers are mainly used to protect machine tool bed and guide ways against damage by scrap and by coolant. The telescopic covers reduce sideways wear of the slide maintaining the working accuracy of the machine and hence keeping maintenance cost to a minimum. Most of the telescopic covers which are manufactured as a part of protection to the machinery where the cutting tool has to slide on a bed are made up of stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 0.01 mm (ultra thin) 3 mm.

These covers use high precision brass shoes, nylon shoes, bushes, and roller bearings to maintain the accuracy and smooth slide along the bed retaining the smooth sliding capacity of the telescopic cover by reducing the friction and resistance of the parts in contact with maintaining the sliding and sealing ability intact.

Corrosion-proof stainless steel plates of high grade are used to manufacture the telescopic covers to be suitable for extreme work conditions and tolerate aggressive coolant. The covers use way wipers, guides, rollers for as I said precision slide. To prevent coolant entering into the boxes, gutters are used.

Telescopic Covers For Swimming Pools
Apart from the telescopic covers used for industrial purposes. There are larger ones which used the same mechanism in covering swimming pool enabling people to use the swimming pools in any weather conditions. These telescopic covers are mainly made with aluminum frame and polycarbonate material for the blades usually UV-filter coated which are much larger in size than their industrial counterparts.

The frame constructed to mount the telescopic covers for swimming pools depends on the requirements of the customer. If the need is just to cover the pool when not in use, the height of the frame will be very less. But the need is to use the pool in every type of weather condition (read under hot sun or while raining) especially when the water temperature is maintained.

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