Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Remedies and Natural Cures To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Until bacterial vaginosis happened to one of my friends, I never understood why there is so much interest in natural remedies or alternative medications for bacterial vaginosis. As said earlier, my friend happened to suffer from bacterial vaginosis and started taking antibiotics prescribed by her physician. Now that looked simple to me as bacterial vaginosis as the name suggests is a bacterial infection which could be treated easily with oral antibiotics. Indeed, the antibiotics worked well and she got rid of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis like bad fishy smell and grayish white discharge along with the irritation and itching within a couple of weeks of administrating of antibiotics.
Vh Essentials Bv Vaginosis Insert, Size: 6Destinol for Women, Stop Vaginal Feminine Odor From the Inside Out (BV Bacterial Vaginosis)Bacterial Vaginosis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet ReferencesFemanol (1) Bottle 60 Capsules For Vaginal Odor & Discharge - Bad Breath - Build Stronger Hair and NailsIt looked very logical and simple to me, getting a bacterial infection treated with the use of antibiotics but within a month my friend suffered the recurrence of the symptoms bacterial vaginosis. Over use of antibiotics being unsafe, I suggested her to look for some natural and alternative methods to treat bacterial vaginosis. To help her myself I started to gather information about the causes for the recurrence and effective home remedies to cure the disease.
A healthy woman’s vagina contains both bad and good bacteria. But for some reason which I could not get the know, the population of good bacteria decreases, the bad bacteria increases in its number and causes bacterial vaginosis. After a long search I failed to know the exact reason for the decrease in the population of good bacteria. It would be very helpful if someone can shed some light on this.
When antibiotics were administered to get rid of bad bacteria, it also destroys the good bacteria present in the vagina. I once again failed to know the real benefit of the good bacteria present in the vagina. Hence apart from destroying the bad bacteria which causes the vaginosis, it is important to maintain the hygiene and re-populate the vagina with good bacteria. This is where natural alternative home remedies know to work well in treating recurrent bacterial vaginosis.
Natural Cures and Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis
Natural antiseptics like garlic, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract are know to work well for this disease. While these natural antiseptics works well in controlling the disease. Eating yogurt and taking probiotics will help in repopulating the vagina with good bacteria. Now once again, I wonder how the good bacteria which we take orally reach the vagina. But these are the effective natural cures suggested by some woman who suffered recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Dipping a tampon in natural yogurt and inserting it into the vagina to re-introduce the good bacteria into the vagina is something which someone has suggested and sounds logical.
Yes, I have suggested these natural remedies to my friend and she is trying these. She started using better hygiene methods and trying yogurt tampons only after getting cured with the usage of antibiotics. It has been a few months since around six and she is feeling fine without any recurrent symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. I hope these natural home remedies would work, but I would be happy if someone shed some light about what actually is the reason for the decrease in number of good bacteria and how can we reintroduce them effectively.

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