Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Importance of Water Filters

The water in our body takes care of many important systemic tasks. The rise in the temperatures increases the body temperature which when crossed a limit is dangerous to our health. The keep the temperature at the optimum level, our body releases water in the form of sweat which brings down the body temperature. Drinking a glass of cool water will also decrease your temperature. The lack of water in the body to take care of the rise of body temperature often leads to heat stroke. Water is also good solvent and through which essential electrolytes which are lost in sweat can be re-supplied to the body.

Oral or intravenous re-hydration is the first treatment step when someone is dehydrated due to loss of body fluids due to exhaustion, vomiting, and diarrhea. At a normal natural level our body when it needs water indicates in the form of thirst. Apart from thirst, our body also indicates the need for water in many other symptoms, when these symptoms and signs are ignored, body systems start shutting down.

The other importance of water is in excretion. Metabolic poisonous substances are removed by the water present in the body filtered by the kidney in the form of urine. Water is also a good natural curative; we always use wet hot and cold compresses to relieve bodily pain due to sprains and physical exhaustion. Hot and cold shower makes your energy come back after a long tiring day. Drinking adequate pure water prevents a lot diseases including overweight.

Unfortunately, this living giving water is being polluted so much so that it has become something which instead of curative became the carrier of disease and instead of giving life started to take if not life, the spirit of life with a number of diseases attacking you regularly.

Polluting natural pure water is a problem created by man and can be solved by. To have pure drinking water like our forefathers had, we have to stop polluting water, but this problem is so deep that it will take tens and hundreds of years to completely stop polluting depending of will of the modern man. There are no guarantees that this will of the modern man ever work so hard to completely eradicate pollution.

The other solution for the problem is using water filters or purifiers. This is a solution which can be undertaken by every man without any help from the authorities. By installing a water filter in your house, you can at least take care of the purity of drinker water of your family.

Types of Water Filters

To solve the problem of impurities in the drinking water, modern man started to look for solutions everywhere. Though they are called water filters which refer to removal of sedimentation or dirt in the water through the process of filtration, most of the water filters are actually water purifiers which remove harmful organic and inorganic materials along with filtering the water to remove the dirt. The capacity of the water filter to purify depends on many factors like the type of filtration system used, quality of the filtration cartridges, age of the filtration system, quality of the water filtered etc

Ceramic Water Filters

The most basic method of water filters are ceramic water filters. These are found commonly as bench-top water filters. The basic type of ceramic water filter uses ceramic candles or cartridges with very tiny microscopic pores to remove the dirt present in the water. These basic filters cannot actually purify the water of the organic impurities like bacteria and virus and inorganic impurities like different kinds of chemicals.

The next level ceramic water filters come impregnated with nano silver which is effective in trapping the bacteria. The problem with ceramic type of water filters is that the flow of water is very slow.

Carbon Water Filters

Carbon water filters are made up of charcoal produced from coconut husk. Activated charcoal filled cartridge has a capacity to absorb the impurities from the water when the water passes through it. To also stop bacteria, the carbon is impregnated with activated silver. Usually when used as a household water filter, these filters come with an extra dirt filter fitted which filters the water before the water enters the carbon chamber.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

In this method of filtration, water passes through an extremely fine membrane. Lot of pressure is applied to stop osmosis and reverse it. The result of reverse osmosis water filter is very finely filtered water.

Ultra Violet Light Water Filters

This is a very effective method of filtering the water. Ultra violet radiations are used to kill the microorganisms present in the water. Water before going through the ultraviolet light passes through a sediment water filtration system and then an activated silver impregnated carbon chamber to get rid of both dirt and minerals and organic material impurities.

All of the water filtration systems described above is used as small household water filters and also large water filtration systems.

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