Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Be Looking Young

Look younger than their real age or look older than their real age, these are two phrases people often use when they are describing how someone looks. It does not mean that a forty year old looks like a twenty year old, it means that the said forty year old person looks like a forty year old young person rather than a forty year old old person.

One of the reasons for this looking young is devoid of wrinkles in your face even when you are reaching your late fifties. Granted, it is the state of mind which makes you look younger but it is also is a fact that wrinkleless face looks younger, a soft skin makes you look younger, and grey hair makes you look older.

There are many reasons for developing wrinkled skin. Stress in your life, pollution, excessive exposure to the sun etc. Most often depending on your lifestyle it is not easily possible to escape from these things. Physically, the reason for wrinkles is depleting of collagen in the skin

Keeping your skin well moisturized is a necessity for better looking skin. A continuous skin care is required to keep your skin healthy and soft with enough production of collagen to prevent wrinkles. There are many anti aging skin creams for wrinkles are available in the market. These skin creams are both chemical based and herbal based creams. You can use these creams many of them take care of protecting the skin.

Meditation and relaxation are also very helpful to protect your skin. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep your spirit and mind in tune with the natural rhythm of the universe. There is also a something called derma roller which help in production of collagen which helps in preventing and also removing wrinkles from your skin.

Personally, people find me five to ten years younger than my real age. If you ask me why one of the reasons I can give is I never lose interest in woman. No I do not want to look like a twenty something guy because I do not relate to that age group. The other reason is I have a oily skin and is naturally well moisturized all the time. The third reason is I watch a lot of Discovery and National Geographic channels. Nature and science never stopped to make me feel surprised. Living life in present tense is also very important. How I look outside depends on how I feel inside. These are my anti aging tips, the reasons for why I look 10 years younger than my stated age. By the way what is my stated age….. forty.

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nadia said...

hi Im a woman in my fourty I agree that it is a state of mind and a phase of feeling nd perception to ones self nd identity..

I have met a lady infact a nurse in a hospital while waiting for my appointment and we had a short conversation toghter I was surprised when she told me she was in her mid fifties and she even looked younger than that 15 years

She showed me the picture of her husband nd her she looked younger than her husband who was younger than her 10 years..

That led me to beleive more it is how u picture ur self inside that would lead to peace inside nd beauty would glow from within..

Faith , healty food , exercise nd positive thinking would cut alot of ur stated years ..