Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is a well known fact that our mind and every thought and emotion affect our body. Holistic health care takes the body-mind-spirit approach in treating the person. For centuries many cultures have followed this method treatment because people were aware of the fact that body, mind, emotions, and spirit are interconnected and cannot be seen as separate. Ayurveda is one of such type of holistic treatments. At a deeper level every atom of the food, every minor though we have, every small sensation we feel, and little though we have impacts our health. At subatomic level every matter is a concentrated energy. Every medication we take is a form of energy. The differences in this energy treat different ailments. The effective of this energy in treating a particular disease is different from person to person. Holistic health care comes into picture in making this energy to work effectively. To maintain a great health we also need a strong will, distressing, relaxation, support from the loved ones, responsibility to our health, passion for life, better lifestyle.

While the diseases and ailments are caused by microbes, genetics, pollution, and stressful lifestyle and can be treated with medications, holistic health says that the cause which made your body accept the disease is not gone and for this reason, the approach for optimal health should be more holistic. The clear understanding of importance of different aspects of life like work, career, relationships, money, health, time, entertainment, passion are necessary for a holistic complete living. Discipline your body and mind through regular exercise, meditation, and yoga is very important for a healthy living.

At varying degrees modern medicine tries to follow this holistic health care approach by noting the patient’s social and personal histories and try to counsel the patient on his habits and lifestyle if needed.

Holistic Heatlh Alternative Medicine
The practioners of alternative medicine stress more on holistic approach for treating the diseases. Most of the alternative medicine systems stress on body-mind method and include optimsation of lifestyles for better health.

It is important for you to know in importance of disciplining your mind and training it to have more positive and proactive thinking. It is important to have good supportive family and relationships. It is important to have everyday relaxation. It is important to have spiritual approach to your life. Holistic health care trains you to imbibe these qualities into your life.

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