Monday, January 5, 2009

Male Laser Hair Removal


The clinics of laser hair removal provide service for both men and woman. Growth of body hair is profuse in men than in woman and the discomfort is more in them. As more and more are opting for laser hair removal method

In the method of laser hair removal for men or women, the light destroys the melanin present in the hair follicle in turn disabling the hair from growing any further. This method is going to put an end to the traditional painful ways of removing the hair which includes hair removal creams, shaving, and electrolysis. Don't allow the word laser worry you as it is used even to cut a thick metal sheet. The medical laser are thousand time gentle than the industrial laser and causes no damage to your skin if used by an experienced technician using the right kind of laser.

Yes there are different kinds of lasers and different techniques used as the skin color and hair colors varies greatly, and the easiest color combination to work for laser removal of hair being light colored skin with dark colored hair. No you don't have to worry about this as different kinds of lasers have already developed to work fine on the other kind of skin and hair color combinations.

Melanin is a pigment present both in your skin and hair giving color to them. In laser hair removal technique, the laser targets only the melanin which is present in the hair follicle and not the skin. This is the only reason why one should seek consultation from an experienced doctor before decided to go for it.
Primarily it is women who go for laser hair removal as the problem of unwanted hair is more prevalent in them in regards to both beauty, uneasiness, and hygiene. Men also are interested in grooming themselves and are interested in laser hair removal, hence laser hair removal for men is also increasing day by day. The option of laser hair removal will definitely be a good one for men as it it fast (that is why electrolysis was never popular with men then want everything to be done fast) and gives a permanent solution to their unwanted hair problem without pain, irritation, or cuts.I forgot to mention the funny part, the anxious looks of men sitting along with women at laser hair removal saloons. There were days when men used to form a beeline at dermatologist's office for not having any body hair.

Male laser hair removal is something which is sought after more and more by men. Body hair has become as embarrassing and uncomfortable to men as women. The number of men who regularly visit laser hair saloons are increasing in number. Prominently, men are approaching these their dermatologists for chest laser hair removal. Most of these men are aged between 20 and 40. These are health conscious gym going modern men and they hate their body hair concealing their well etched muscular bodies. For most men chest hair is dense in growth reaching up to their lower abdomen and pubic hair. This is a large area and chest laser hair removal in men is very expensive. Furthermore, men with hairy chest also have a hairy back and this is an additional burden.

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